Enterprise Document Digitization Services

How Document Scanning and Imaging Services Can Help You?

  • Consolidate information across geographic locations and departments
  • Reduce redundancies and improve document search/retrieval processes
  • Enable secure file sharing wherever and whenever necessary via an online account
  • Meet complex regulatory obligations through classification, digital retrieval, and compliance monitoring
  • Reduce risk through adherence to retention schedules
  • Free up valuable real estate for more strategic use
  • Preserve documents that may be deteriorating

Enterprise Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Our secure document scanning services can handle digital conversion projects of every size. We can assist with scanning services for the following types of documents and jobs:

  • Accounts payable documents
  • Bills of lading
  • HR documents and employee records
  • Government ledgers, and birth, and death certificates
  • Blueprints and other large-format documents
  • Bulk scanning services

Document Indexing and Classification

QS document scanning and data capture services will ensure consistent classification and indexing, without sacrificing user retrievability or security. By integrating with Docufiles our document management solutions, organizations create intuitive central repositories making it fast and easy to find information when it is needed.