Software Deployment Options

Deployment Options:

1- On premise deployment

  • Quality Systems offers licensed software options for most QS products.
  • on-premises version is installed on your own servers or hosted environment. (On-Premises System Requirements)
  • License costs Fixed & customized according to the business needs of our clients Or Users
  • Software licenses include copies for disaster recovery and test versions at no additional cost.
  • After the initial warranty period, various levels of maintenance agreements are available, with multi-year agreements being the most cost effective.
  • QS licenses may be installed at the client site or run in an off-site or third-party data center.
  • Software License: Perpetual

2- Cloud Deployment (SaaS)

  • QS Offer Software as a Service (SaaS) with Subscription Plans
  • cloud-hosted version is housed securely in Azure data centers .
  • QS offers enterprise-level software as a cloud services hosted SaaS solution, & avoiding the traditional expense of software licenses, hardware, deployment, system management, and maintenance fees.
  • QS’s Cloud Services provides information systems that are secure and protected at all times.
  • The subscription includes the rental of a software license
  • Software License : Subscription

3- Hosted deployment

Hosted deployments give you the best of both worlds; you own the software, but with less of a hardware investment.

Software License: Perpetual

Simple Enterprise Licensing

We offer Two Type of system License:

  • 1- Proprietary license (lifetime) : One Time Fees
  • 2-Subscription license : Monthly/Yearly Subscription Plans (for Some Systems)

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