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DMS Document Management Solutions


  • Capture hundreds or thousands of documents daily at both remote offices and centralized locations.
  • Manage all of the related documents together in one system.
  • There are multiple tools available for signing documents electronically in QS. Handwritten signatures and Digital signatures.
  • Automates repetitive tasks and rules-based decisions
  • Routes documents and exceptions to the right people
  • Verifies the existence and accuracy of related documents
  • Sends automatic notifications and reminders
  • Load-balances work across teams
  • Manages complex approval processes
  • Efficiently create and distribute content
  • Streamline the management of records from inception to destruction
  • Increase user productivity by eliminating application switching and automating manual tasks
  • Improve data accuracy and reduce re-keying of information by pulling data directly from the application screen
  • Expedite and improve business decision-making by delivering immediate access to supporting documents

 Features of Document management software

  1. Document storage. Archive your files in a single vault for easy retrieval, storage, and sharing for future use. Centralizing this process ensures relevant information is immediately accessible when needed.
  2. Security and access control. Avoid unauthorized access by implementing role-based permissions for file entry. Some software programs also restrict IP addresses. This ensures only the right people can open, view, and modify certain files.
  3. Version control. Stay in control of your document’s versions without having to maintain multiple copies of a single document. It lets you see all the versions made and alerts every member of the most up-to-date version.
  4. Indexing and classification. Index files systematically for a quick, easy retrieval later on given its file key.
  5. Bulk upload. In most cases, documents come in bulk. Uploading them one by one is time-consuming. With the software, you can upload everything in one go more efficiently.
  6. PDF document editor. Applying adjustments and modifications to a PDF file is made simpler. Add text, textbox, date, and check bar for customizations. You can also make notes and eliminate typo errors with an online spell checker.
  7. White-labelling. Define your company’s branding by setting up its color, theme, and logo to ensure it conveys your brand’s look and feel effectively. Doing so makes your company appear more professional.
  8. Mobile apps. Access your files even when you are using a tablet or mobile device. This also simplifies image capture of documents and quick uploads.
  9. File synchronization. Sync online files with the copies of documents stored in your system. This is essential in updating your team with the latest documents.
  10. Audit trail. Referring to a document’s path in its lifecycle, this feature lets users pull detailed reports on the path that the file has followed. This contains the name of the user, date and time the file was accessed, the type of action performed, and keeps comments from the user.

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