Commercial Screen in Kuwait

Commercial screen

The commercial televisions you see when out in public may look similar to your residential TV back home, but there are some notable differences between the two display types. So, if you’re looking to buy a display screen for your business, you’re going to need a commercial television.

Usages differences between consumer and commercial televisions

In business environments, commercial Screen can serve various purposes including: a silent ad display screen in a store, a digital menu board in a coffee shop, a touch-display system for a conference room, or as a TV in a hotel lobby. The possibilities are endless when it comes to commercial TV usages. So, it’s important that the television you buy has been created with business usage and applications in mind.

In contrast, consumer televisions are TVs designed to be used at home. Typically, a consumer TV will only be used for watching various video formats including satellite TV, streaming services, gaming, and DVDs. From this you can easily see that the potential uses of consumer and commercial televisions differ greatly, with commercial display screens having a wider range of uses.

Consumer televisions at home will probably only be used for a few hours a day. Meanwhile, a commercial display screen is likely to be used for longer periods. In many cases, it’s not uncommon for a commercial television to be in use 24/7 and 365 days a year. Therefore, commercial TVs need to be able to withstand prolonged use. Brands like LG -Samsung commercial Screen Display have been designed with business use in mind, meaning they are well-equipped to bear heavy duty business use and applications.

Usage :

  • Digital Signage – made to increase your sales, digital signage screens include high brightness, interactive, video wall and other special models.
  • LED Signage – designed for indoor or outdoor use, LED Signage provides reliable operation, design flexibility and vibrant image quality.
  • OLED Signage – OLED display screens use state-of-the-art technology to offer amazing clarity and increased energy efficiency.
  • Commercial TV – Hotel TV and Signage solutions allow businesses to welcome guests in a simpler and easier manner than existing solutions.