Asset Management System – ASSETRACK

Easy to Use Asset Management System

Automate your organization’s fixed asset Management for improved check-in/check-out processes, faster auditing, and error-free reporting.

QS is the asset tracking solution provider that offers all the necessary software, hardware, and asset tags you need to implement an asset management system. This makes assetrack™ the most complete solution

What are the examples of Fixed Assets?

Here are a few examples of Fixed Assets:

  • Office equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Buildings
  • Furniture
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery

With the Fixed Assets management system the organization can do :

  • Track and Monitor fixed assets
  • Logs for all Fixed Assets Items
  • Overlook equipment and machinery at multiple locations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Maintain a record of retired, sold, stolen or lost assets