Data Center Maintenance

Your physical data center site must provide a secure and well-optimized environment if you are to achieve maximum return on investment. Theft of equipment or data, electrical faults that lead to fire, power outages, or faulty climate controls could all halt your operations when you least expect it – that is, unless you properly maintain the data center facility. With QS, you can be sure that your data center is running optimally. Our site maintenance services, delivered in partnership with leading electrical services providers, offer one streamlined solution for protecting your equipment.

Take a proactive, preventative approach to data center reliability with QS, so you can:

  • Improve data center reliability with uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems and cost-effective maintenance of the physical environment
  • Strengthen physical security with best-of-breed CCTV surveillance and access control systems
  • Make significant cost savings by reducing equipment failure and other costly interruptions